/land create <name> - Create a land to invite friends. 
/claim - Claim the chunk you're standing on.
/land spawn - Teleport to your land spawn.
/land setspawn - Set your land spawn.
/Lands accept <land> - Accept a land invite.
/Lands chat [land] <message> - Chat in your land.
/Lands delete - Delete a land you own
/Lands edit <land> - Claiming for the wrong land? Use that command.
/Lands rename [land] <new name> - Rename your land name.
/Lands unclaim - Unclaim the land you are standing on.
/Lands leave - Leave your current land
/Lands setrole <player> <area,*> <role> - Set a role for a player in your land.
/trust <player> [area,*] - Invite a user to your land
/untrust <player> [area,*] - Remove a user from your land or area.
/Lands view - View your claimed land borders.

/tpa - Teleport to your friend
/tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
/tpdeny - Deny a teleport request
/sethome - Set your home on your current location.
/home - Teleport to your home.
/spawn - Telepor to the spawn.
/money - Check your money