1) Be respectful to all players and members of staff. Provoking/trolling others to get a response, bullying, and harassment is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, expressing problematic or offensive political, racial, sexuality, or gender views.
2) Hacking/mods are not allowed (auto-click, xray, etc)
3) No offensive builds, usernames, profile pictures, or skins.
4) Racism/sexism/homophobia is strictly forbidden and may result in a permanent mute. This includes making jokes at the expense of another player's racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender identity, and using racist and homophobic slurs.
5) No spamming in chat. This includes repeating yourself more than twice in 60 seconds in chat or in dms.
6) Please limit swearing in chat and refrain from swearing at other players. Sensitive topics of discussions such as politics, suicide, sex, self-harm, religion, or drugs should not be raised in chat.
7) Sharing personal or defamatory information about another player or a staff member (whether it's true or not) is not allowed. This may include their name, age, location, school, gender, making jokes at the expense of a players age (whether the age is true or not), etc.
8) Please do not encourage, initiate, participate in, or escalate any arguments in chat. Temp-mutes will be given to players who fail to follow this rule.
9) No abusing glitches. If you happen to come across a glitch, please contact a member of staff.
10) No advertising other servers or posting unapproved links in chat.
11) Doxxing and DDOS threats will result in an immediate ip-ban. No exceptions.
12) Killing players that has pvp toggled off with lava/ trapping will result in a ban
13) Griefing OUTSIDE or NEAR another player's claim with the sole intention of ruining that players experience is not allowed (this includes placing netherrack, lava, cobblestone monsters, etc)
14) Luring a player to you and then killing that player using /tpahere or /tpa (player) is not allowed. This is tp-trapping. Using /back, setting /home at another player's base, or using /clan regroup with the intention of killing another player is also not allowed. Tp-trapping IS NOT defined as teleporting to a player without a reason or without a promise made prior and therefore being killed by that player. There must be a promise made prior to the teleport for this rule to be broken.
15) No claiming or restricting access to end portals. No claiming AROUND or NEAR another player’s claim without direct permission.
16) No inappropriate or offensive names on weapons or items. This includes innuendos. If a member of staff asks you to remove an item's name
17) Scamming another player is not allowed. This means promising a fair trade, but lying and taking items dishonestly.
18) Ban evading is not allowed. This means using an alt account to play on the server while your main account is banned. Once found out, you will receive the next punishment in the hierarchy
19) Impersonating other players/staff by use of /nick is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, adding or removing a letter, adding or removing numbers, using a server-known nickname of another player or staff.
20) Placing Random Cobblestone/netherrack or any type of block in the wilderness with no purpose is considered griefing and will be punished on it
21)No Auto Farms Allowed Such as (Fishing, AFK Mobs)